How to create a modern team site collection in SharePoint online

Modern team sites are integrated with office365 connected groups, once we created a team site, it will create a SharePoint site, with Office 365 group , email id, we can add group owner, we can also change the privacy settings either private or public.

If Self site creation is disabled in your organization level, we need to navigate to SharePoint admin center to create new sites.

Steps to create a modern team site 

Step 1: Open SharePoint admin center

Click on Active sites -> Click on Create

How to create a modern team site collection in SharePoint online

We can see popup to create a new Team site and commutation site

Step 2: Click on Team site -> Enter the site name, same name will populate to group email address and site address. Provide the site owner.

How to create a modern team site collection in SharePoint online

By default, team site will create as private group site, if you want to make it public, click on the Advanced settings, select the options as per the requirement.

Step3: If we want to add additional owners or members, we can able to add as per the below screen and click on finish 

How to create a modern team site collection in SharePoint online

Now we able to see the newly created site in SharePoint admin center.

How to create a modern team site collection in SharePoint online

Difference between SharePoint Onprem and Online

In this article we can see the major difference between SharePoint on premise and SharePoint Online

                  Difference between SharePoint Onprem and Online 



SharePoint farm’s will be hosted, managed/maintained by your company. It will be more cost to manage.

SharePoint farms are hosted, managed/maintained by Microsoft, it is a cloud-based solution, we can reduce the cost.



Company IT staff will be responsible for patching, updates, related to SharePoint, windows updates.


Microsoft will take care of installing patching and updates

Our Origination team needs to make sure sites are up and running always.


Microsoft has committed to 99.9%


SharePoint sites can be accessible only within the organization network, or based on own configuration we can access outside as well.


SharePoint online sites can able accessible from in and outside of Origination, any device.


More number of team members required to manage SharePoint, having dependency on other teams, Network, AD, IIS, Security, Database, windows teams.


Microsoft will take care, if there is any planned activity MS will announce we can see in the Service health page.


Your company need to buy license for each server, either standard or enterprise, and for office applications.


Microsoft will provide license based on our usage/requirement in Office 365 enterprise or business license.


SharePoint Onprem will support server-side coding, client side.  


SharePoint online supports Client side, SPFX

How to move OneNote to another location

In our daily work we can see users will faces some issues related to OneNote, if user changed the laptop or system crash, we might lose OneNote data, to avoid such issues most of people will use OneDrive to syn OneNote’s.

Open OneNote from your machine.

Click on File , here we can able to see the OneNote we are using 

Click on Settings Icon, next to the OneNote name you want to move.

In our example, we will move “MyOwnNote”

Select the OneDrive as per the below, click on Move Notebook or select the different folder to move this OneNote.

Once we clicked on Move Notebook we can get pop up “Your notebook is now syncing to the new location”

Now we can see our OneNote is syncing to OneDrive.

Hope this will be helpful when we want to change the location of OneNote.


How to restore deleted OneNote

In this article we can see how to recover the deleted OneNote. In most of cases we need to work how to restore the deleted OneNote, end user might delete unknowingly.

 If we are using Windows 10 we can see multiple OneNote’s 

OneNote for windows 10 version and OneNote for office Microsoft 365

Windows 10 OneNote APP.


Open the OneNote App  from the your machine .

As per the below screen shot click on File

Click on Open Backups

Select the notebook section , inside we can able to see “OneNote_Recyclebin”

Select the .one file and click on open , once we opened in OneNote app  right click and click on Move or copy , you can copy the OneNote file based on the user requirements.

Method : 2

We can also verify from OneNote APP

Open the required section , there Click on the History tab-> Click in Notebookrecycle bin

We can able to see the deleted notes in the right hand side and click on Move or Copy , then we can do based on the user confirmation .

In case if you are not able to find, make sure we are checking right account and verify OneDrive and machine recycle bin , if possible get the name of the OneNote and search in the entire machine and OneDrive.

Hope this will helps to recover the deleted data.

Restore deleted sub site in SharePoint Online

Restore deleted sub site in SharePoint Online

Today we got an issue, end user deleted sub site by mistake and they want us to restore the sub site immediately. Since this is a sub site I checked at Recycle bin for that navigate to Site settings

In Primary recycle bin we are not able to find that Sub site.


In the same URL we can able to see the secondary recycle bin as per the below screen shot

We are able to find that deleted sub site at secondary recycle bin as per the below URL

Select that particular sub site and click on restore.