Term Set Access Cross Site Collection in SharePoint 2013


Cross site collection term set in SharePoint 2013

        In SharePoint 2013, we can exposed other site collections in local term sets. I have created local term set in one of the site collection, http://c4968397007-32265. Navigate to site collection. Click on “Site Settings”.In Site Administration go to “Term store management”


Here we can find local term set for specific site collection as shown in the figure below. 

Note: If Local term set is not available. we can check my previous post "How to get Local or Specific site collection term set" in term store management.

Select  the local term set, we can able to see the “Site Collection Access” in term set properties. In SharePoint 2013 this is the new option.

In Site collection Access I entered the URLs of site collections that will have “read-only” access to the contents of the local term sets. I have entered the following Site Collection URL’s.

·                                Now navigate to the site collection “http://c4968397007:32265/sites/VISIO”.  Go to “Site Settings” -> site Administrator ->”Term store management”. We can find the “Site Collection – c4968397007-32265” term set as shown in figure below.


Lakshmi Tulasi Jasti

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  1. How Can you do it programmatically using JavaScript?