SharePoint 2013 Administration Course Detail

                                  SharePoint 2013 Administration

 Getting started with SharePoint 2013 

  • SharePoint Foundation Architecture 
  • SharePoint 15 Product SKUs 
  • What's New in SharePoint 2013 
  • Windows PowerShell Primer 

 Installing SharePoint Server 2010 
  •  Hardware Requirements 
  •  Installing Prerequisite Software 
  •  Creating Dedicated Service Accounts 
  •  Installing SharePoint Server 2013 
  •  Creating the Farm and Configuration Database 

 Topology and Configuration 
  •  Understanding Farm Topologies 
  •  Configuring Managed Accounts 
  •  Managing Timer Jobs 
  •  Creating and Configuring Service Applications by hand 
  •  Creating and Configuring Service Applications using PowerShell 

Configuring Security and User Authorization 
  •  The Fundamentals of Claims-based Security 
  •  Configuring Integrated Windows Authentication with Kerberos vs. NTLM 
  •  Configuring Forms-based Authentication (FBA) 
  •  Outsourcing User Management to External Identity Providers such as Windows Live 
  •  Configuring a Trust to the Windows Azure Access Control Service (ACS) 

 Creating and Configuring Web Applications 
  •  Creating New Web Applications 
  •  Configuring Web Application 
  •  Managing Content Databases 
  •  Creating Site Collections 
  •  Configuring Self-service Site Collections 

 Managing Site Collections and Tenancies 
  •  Site Templates 
  •  Capacity Planning 
  •  Site Collection Security 
  •  Understanding Tenancies 
  •  Configuring Subscriptions 

Business Connectivity Services 
  •  BCS Architecture External Data Sources 
  •  Creating and Configuring External Contents Types 
  •  Configuring Profile Pages and External Lists 
  •  BCS Enhancements involving OData Support 

 The Managed Metadata Service 
  •  Overview of the Managed Metadata Service 
  •  Enhancement to the Managed Metadata Service in SharePoint 2013 
  •  Creating and Managing Term Sets, Terms and Taxonomies 

 Working with Document Sets 
  •  Configuring a site collection as a Content Type Publishing Hub 
  •  Using The Secure Store Service to configure Advanced Authentication Techniques 

 Configuring the User Profile Service 
  •  Overview of User Profiles and Social Networking 
  •  Create and Configuring a User Profile Service Application (UPA) 
  •  Create and Configuring The User Profile Synchronization Service (UPS) 
  •  Creating and configuring Audiences 
  •  Creating and Managing My Sites 
  •  Understanding User Task Synchronization using the Work Management Service 

  •  Configuring a Search in SharePoint 2013 
  •  The New Unified Search Architecture of SharePoint 2013 
  •  Creating and Configuring Content Sources 
  •  Understanding the Content Processing Pipeline 
  •  Introduction to Result Sources, Result Types and Query Rules 
  •  Working with Managed Properties 

Health Monitoring and Optimization 
  •  The Developer Dashboard 
  •  Working with ULS Logs 
  •  The Logging Database 
  •  Health Analyzer and Usage Reporting 
  •  Timer Jobs and Server Affinity 
  •  The New Request Manager in SharePoint 2013 

 Deploying and Monitoring Custom Solutions 
  •  Deploying and Managing Farm solutions and Sandboxed Solutions 
  •  Introduction to the new SharePoint App Model 
  •  Configuring SharePoint App Authentication using OAuth 
  •  Configuring SharePoint App Authentication using Server-to-server (S2S) Trusts 

 Preparing for Backup, Restore, and Disaster Recovery 
  •  Versioning and Restoring Documents 
  •  Configuring Recycle Bin Behavior 
  •  Backup and Restore of site collections, Content Database and Farms 
  •  Preparing for Disaster Recovery 
  •  Recovering the Farm After Server Failure 

 Upgrading Content from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 
  •  Upgrade Concepts and Terminology 
  •  Deprecated Upgrade Techniques from SharePoint 2010 
  •  Preparing for Database Attach 
  •  Migrating Content 
  •  SharePoint 2010 UI Mode versus SharePoint 2013 UI Mode 

SharePoint Online Real Time Training Contact: JLAKSHMITULASI@GMAIL.COM

Lakshmi Tulasi Jasti

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