Enable NetBIOS in SharePoint

We need to enable NetBIOS for User Profile Service Application when Fully Qualified Domain Name is different than NetBIOS name.

To Enable NetBIOS follow the steps.

1) Delete the existing AD connections.
2) Enable the NetBIOS to true for your current user profile service application.
3) Create a new AD connection.

Using power shell we can enable the NetBIOS to import the NetBIOS domain users in to our SharePoint user profile.

By default this NetBIOS is set to disable false (0), using the PowerShell we are enabling to true (1).

Run the below PowerShell command to enable the NetBIOS.

Using the “Get-SPServiceApplication” we can bale to get all the SharePoint application services running in our farm.
Using “Get-SPServiceApplication –Identity GUID” is used to identify the user profile and get in the variable.
$up= Get-SPServiceApplication –Identity GUID
Enabling the NetBIOS using NetBiosDomainNamesEnabled property is setting to true (1)
$up.NetBiosDomainNamesEnabled = “1”
Update the changes.

We can also verify again NetBIOS is enabled or not

Using $up.NetBiosDomainNamesEnabled if it display True NetBIOS is in enabled mode only.


Lakshmi Tulasi Jasti

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