How to change the Site logo in SharePoint using Power Shell

For every web application having list of  site collection’s  and its sub sites having a site logo, some cases we need to change site logo only for a particular site collection and its sub sites only.

Doing it manually it will take time and effort, using the Power Shell we can change the site logo easily.

First I am uploading the site logo in a particular site collection library, my case I am uploading a logo in publishing images library (

Using this script we can change the logo in a site collection and its sub sites.

Run the below Power Shell script.

Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.sharepoint.powershell
#to get the site collection url
#to get the site logo
$sitecolllogo= ""
$getsitecoll=new-object Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite($sitecollname)
foreach($webs in $getsitecoll.Allwebs)

Once the script completed successfully, go and verify the logo has been changed.


Lakshmi Tulasi Jasti

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