sorry we're having trouble refreshing your tasks sharepoint 2013

We enable my site with all the feature having a task list in the quick launch,we created a new tasks in the site,when we tried to refresh the tasks i was not refreshing it was  showing an error as shown  in the screen shot.


Step 1: we have to check the "Work Management Service Application" is there or not,Navigate to Central Admin->Application Management->Service Application.If my case  service application is available as shown below.

Step 2: Now check the service is in started mode or not,Navigate to Central Admin->Application Management ->Manage  services on server.check the status.
In my case it was not on start.

Step 3:
Also verify the Service having permissions with "Application Pool" Service account with Full Control.
In my case i given the application pool Service  account with full control to "Work Management   Service Application"

Finally we verified at tasks,it was refreshing with out any issues.

user profile synchronization service stuck on starting

In SharePoint while trying to start the User Profile Sync it will stuck in a starting stage for a long time and also we are unable to stop this using GUI,because of this we are unable to go forward to do any activity related to User Profile.So now our aim is we have to stop this service immediately. 

In SharePoint PowerShell/Stsadm  will becoming very useful for most of the situations, in our case also we are trying to stop the Sync immediately using the Power Shell/Stsadm  Command..

using Stsadm command we can stop this service immediately

stsadm -o provisionservice -action stop -servicetype “Microsoft.Office.Server.Administration.ProfileSynchronizationService, Microsoft.Office.Server.UserProfiles, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=71e9bce111e9429c” -servicename FIMSynchronizationService

Now we can able to see the user profile syn service is stopped successfully .

How to configure the Search Center Url in SharePoint Using PowerShell

How to configure the Search Center Url in SharePoint Using PowerShell
In some cases if we want to enable  "Global Search Center URL" as enterprise search center site URL in our entire SharePoint  farm.

Instead of enable this through GUI,we can easily achieve this user power shell.
First we have to get the Search Service Application in to a variable
Using  "Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication".
Using the "SearchCenterUrl" set the enterprise URL and update it as per the requirement.

Run the below Power Shell Command.

$sa = Get-SPEnterpriseSearchServiceApplication
$sa.SearchCenterUrl = "http://sitename/SearchCenter/Pages"

Once the Power Shell runs completed successfully,check the search is affected in our environment or not,even through its not affected some times we have to do IISRest.

How to Start the User Profile Synchronization Service Using PowerShell

How to Start the User Profile Synchronization Service Using PowerShell
Some times we are unable to start and stop the User Profile Synchronization Service from GUI,still there is way do  using power shell.

Using Get-SPServiceInstance

To get the list of all the services "guid" with  Power Shell command,but it is difficult to identify the exact user profile service if we are using multiple user profile services and for further reference best use to save the services in to a Text file.
 Run the below command as shown.

Get-SPServiceInstance > Services.txt

It will writes the list of all the services with name and "guid" in to the text file,we can able to find the file with our given file name  at C:/Users/Username

Start-SPServiceInstance –Identity "Guid of Particular Service Application"

In the same way if we want to Stop the User Profile Synchronization Service use the following command.

Stop-SPServiceInstance –Identity "Guid of Particular Service Application"

Create custom permission levels in SharePoint 2013

In Most of the cases  we have to create the custom permissions based on our requirement like "No Delete" and also to restrict the users to "create sub sites".
Already we having default groups like "Full Control","Contribute" but we need the same contribute with out delete in this case we have to create custom permissions.

First we have to create a permission level at site collection level as per the below steps.

Navigate to ->Site Settings->Site Permissions->Top Ribbon Click on Permissions Levels

Here we can able to create by clicking on the "Add a Permission Level" as shown below

We can able to check the Permissions based on our requirement example i am selecting "Select All"

Click on Create.

Now we able to see the our newly created custom permissions.

Now we can add the users in to our newly created custom group permissions.