Create Cascading drop-down list in k2 SmartForms


In this article i explain how to filter the drop down list based on State and City.

Create State and City list with lookup and create smartobject for this lists.

I have created view with State & City Dropdown

 Select the state dropdown -> click on type under DataSource in Properties

Configure Data Source with State Smart Object and Display value-> Click OK

Select the City dropdown -> click on type under DataSource in Properties ->Configure Data Source with State Smart Object ,Display value and Filter as shown in figure -> Click OK
Now goto "Rules" -> When DDLState is changed rule will generate automatically, Edit the rule.                      

Click on Configure. 
No need to map anything, it will automatically map the Filter value.                                                               

Click Ok and Finish the view. Now run the view and Check.

Hope it's help..:)

How to restrict users for creating views in SharePoint

In this article we can able to see how to restrict users to create views in SharePoint, User having contribute permissions but he can able to create views as per the below screen shot.
We can restrict user to create views by creating the custom permissions as shown below.
Navigate -> Site Settings ->Site Permissions

In the top ribbon we are able to see Permission levels.

Click on the Permission levels, we can able to see the contribute permission level, in the down we can able to see the “Copy Permission level

Click on the “Copy Permission level”, create a Name “Contribute_NoViews

In down remove the options for “Manage Personal views” and click on submit.
Assign the permission level to the particular group, now we cannot find option to create views.

Web Application is prompting for Username and Password Credentials in SharePoint 2013

An error occurred while accessing the resources required to serve this request. The server may not be configured for access to the requested URL.

  • Go to Run -> REGEDIT  - > HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE -> SYSTEM -> CurrentControlSet -> Control -> Lsa -> MSV1_0

  • Right Click on MSV1_0 -> New -> Multi-String value

  • Name it has ‘BackConnectionHostNames’. Now Right click & Select ‘Modify’
  • Enter the Hostname of the site.
  • Click Ok.
  • Now Restart IIS & Restart machine.

How to disable the Edit Link page option in SharePoint

In this article we are able to see how to restrict users to delete the web parts from the page.
We give the different type of permissions based on their role, but most of the people having access to delete the web parts in the page.

We are referring all the pages from the Site Pages library, be default library’s will inherit the permissions from the site level, so every on having access to edit and delete the web parts.
we have to disable the Edit links option, for that we will stop inheriting the permissions for that particular site pages library and give read permissions to the site library and keep the permissions as is at site level.

Steps to follow.
Navigate to that particular site.
Click on Site Contents
Click on Site Pages library
Navigate to library setting
Click on Permissions for this document library
Stop inheriting the permissions on the top left
Click on OK and confirm

Give read only access to the site pages library, now on one can see the Edit link to edit the page.

Retrieve Email Id from UserName in K2 Workflow

Retrieving the User's Email id Using User Name in the Context Browser Item in K2 Workflow

Open Workflow wizard, Drag Get Emails for SharePoint Users (SiteUrl, User Ids, K2 Label) from Inline Functions as shown in below figure.

 It will open below window

Here we have to give SiteUrl, User Id’s & K2 Label.
SiteUrl:      Current site URL
User Id’s:  Now am taking Creted By email from Item Reference
K2 Label:   K2

   Click OK & Finish .

Now we can save and deploy the Workflow. Hope it’s helpful..:)


Save as PDF Control   
     We can use this control, when we have to create PDF has a same Form or View at a particular time when an event is executed.

We can easily create workflow to send a mail with PDF using K2 smart form with save as PDF control.
Navigate to your list, go to ribbon and Select the Application from K2 as shown in below figure.

         We are going to create workflow for New Employee Form, Select New Employee Form and Click on Edit.
    In Layout section add Save As PDF Control from the control panel as shown in fig and Click Finish.

    Now we have   “Design Workflow” using same form “New Employee”. Right click on the form & Select Design Workflow.
  Check the smart Form is submitted, Select the Form “New Employee” & default name will create for Workflow. If you want you can change the name of workflow. Click “OK
                     Drag Send E-mail to Configure & Click Next to Wizard Step
  Add to Address Email & Originator name from the Workflow context.
      Now add attachments -> PDF from the Smart Object PDF File as shown in below Fig.
   It will open PDF window, Create new data field “PDF ID” with type Integer, and drag field to value. As shown in fig below.  
                           Click "OK".
Now go to File. Save & Deploy the Workflow.

Again go to New Employee Form & Edit, New Employee form -> Rules -> New Employee (Default) – select “Save button is clicked” -> Edit Rule.

Add the below rules from the action.                                                                                                  
i) Execute a control’s method. (Select Save PDF method)
     -> Click on Configure -> Drag Emp name to File Name. Click Finish.
ii) Start a Workflow (Select Employee Workflow)
- >    Click on Configure -> Drag Save as PDF to PDF ID. Click Finish.
           Click Ok.                   
     Finally Click Finish & Right click the Form and Check in New Employee FORM.                                                                                                                                
   Go to Employee list in SharePoint. Add New Item into list & save.   

I got the mail with PDF Attachment.
                    PDF Format will look like below.

   Hope its help. :)