Tuesday, 25 August 2015

A great toolkit for SharePoint multiple files operations

This article describes how you can easy solve any SharePoint bulk files issue, using Virto SharePoint Bulk Operations Toolkit.

SharePoint Alerts and Reminders
SharePoint Gantt Chart Web Part

This tool consists of eight Virto components intended to quick working with SharePoint bulk files. You can copy, upload/download, delete, unzip, check in and edit multiple files, using this ready-to-use web parts for SharePoint bulk operations.

SharePoint Bulk File Upload allows you to upload multiple files into the document library with drag & drop and helps you get the job done! You can monitor the file uploading process and overwrite existing files if it is required.

You can also try a Html5-based SharePoint File Upload Web Part for SharePoint 2013. Using this web part, you can easily drag and drop SharePoint bulk files without adding files one by one.

SharePoint Bulk File Download Web Part allows you to download multiple files from SharePoint 2013, 2010 or 2007 libraries into single .zip archive. Just choose multiple files for downloading with checkboxes and store it at your local disk.

SharePoint Bulk File Unzip web part allows you to easily unpack bulk archives and save extracted files to the document library, keeping structure of original zipped folder. Existing files overwriting option is also supported. 

Also, you can quickly delete multiple files with SharePoint Bulk File Delete web part. Save your time by deleting SharePoint files in large, instead of deleting them individually.

SharePoint Bulk Data Edit web part allows you to edit multiple data all at once, just open a SharePoint list or Document Library and choose fields for editing. You can configure Bulk Edit web part for any SharePoint list or site scopes. With SharePoint Bilk Data Edit, you can save enormous amount of time without manually editing each document individually.

With SharePoint Bulk Check In and Approve web part, you can quickly check in and approve a large group of previously uploaded and currently checked-out documents. You can decide whether the files are checked in as published or draft versions. 

Using SharePoint Bulk File Copy and Move web part you can copy and move multiple files from SharePoint Library to a certain place. You can display all files of the chosen Document Library as a tree and choose files for moving. 

You can try every single web part or all this components combined in a single bundle. Enjoy all eight components of SharePoint bulk operations toolkit at a very attractive price. Learn more about this special offer and save over 40%!

Monday, 24 August 2015

Exclude search results for a specific site

Exclude search results for a specific site
In this article we can learn how to exclude search results for a specific site collection/site while creating a new result source in SharePoint 2013.

We are having a web application's URL’s and site collection URL that you want to exclude.

http://includeresults.com/ -------- we can search
http://SearchResults.com/  ------  we can search
http://SearchResults.com/sites/exclude  - we want to exclude this site from search   
Now we want to exclude this site collection/Site from the (http://SearchResults.com/sites/exclude) search results. Same way we can exclude the sites/sub sites also.

We are excluding the site using the property filter “not contains”, Please check the below screen shot.

Once everything is done, click on OK and finally save the Result Source.

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Saturday, 22 August 2015

How to send email using nintex workflow

 In this article we are showing a basic example how to send email using nintex workflow.

Here we are having a list with name “Basic Nintex Work Flow” with columns Title and Send mail columns as shown below.

In the top ribbon click on Workflow Settings to Create a Nintex Workflow

Select the Temple, we are selecting the Blank Template.
Click on Create

Drag and Drop the Send Notification as per the below screen shot

Click on drop down and click on configure.
Click on Addressbook
Click on Lookup in item properties select the field that you want to add on To address click ok.

Enter the Subject and adding test content inside the Body for Mail.

Click on Save.
In top ribbon workflow setting, we can trigger the workflow based on our requirement, in our case we are triggering the work flow once item is added or modified in the list.

Finally save and publish the workflow

Again go the list, enter the item with Title name and Send mail column with valid user.

Now everyone know how to create a basic work flow in Nintex.
Please let me know having any doubts on this article.

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Friday, 21 August 2015

SharePoint Interview Questions

In this Post we can able to see the SharePoint Interview Questions on Master Page.
These question will be same for SharePoint 2010 and 2013.

1) What is the difference between SharePoint 2010 and 2013?
2) What is master page in SharePoint?
3) How many ways we can customize master page?
4) What is Feature Stapling?
5) What is Layout Page?
6) What are different type of master pages in SharePoint 2010 and 2013?
7) How to maintain custom master page for a particular site?
8) How to hide search box in a master page?
9) How to hide the Site Contents in a master page?
10) How to add user control in master page?

11) How to inherit the master page from site collection level to sites and its sub sites?

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How to Schedule PowerShell Script

In this article we are able to show how to Schedule PowerShell script using task scheduler.
Scheduling the PowerShell script is very easy, once we schedule the task it will start automatically without our interaction.

Start Programs -> Enter Task Scheduler.
Right Click on Task Scheduler and click on Create Task as shown below.
In General Tab
Enter the Name and Change the options as per the Screen Shot
In Triggers Tab, Click on New schedule the task as per your requirement.
In Actions Tab
Program/Script option browse the PowerShell.exe location
Add Arguments (optional):- Add the PowerShell that you want to schedule.
Click on Ok.
In the Task Scheduler library we can able to see the Scheduled Jobs.
It will run automatically as per your scheduled time.
Please let me know having any doubts on this article.

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Thursday, 20 August 2015

How to debug PowerShell

Here we are able to learn how to debug PowerShell script, without an error we cannot complete the script in a single shot, we have to debug the code have to identify the issue need to fix it.
In PowerShell for debugger we can use windows PowerShell ISE
In Start enter the name PowerShell
Open the Windows PowerShell ISE

If you want to debug the code
Place the cursor and Press F9 or in the top menu place the cursor click on the Toggle Break Point where ever in the code you want o debug.

F10 is used to debug line by line in the current function or method.
F11 is used to debug line by line and also to debug inside the Methods or Functions.

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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

How to upload zip files in blogger

We want to upload zip files in to our blogger to download the source code for readers, but we did not find any option in the blog settings to add ZIP or RAR files.
Using the Google sites we can able to add the ZIP files in to our blog.
Login with your Gmail account credentials.

Click on CREATE.
As per the screen shot below
Select the Template that you want to create
Enter the Name of your site
Site location
At last check the Check box “I’m not a robot
Click on to Create page
Enter the Page Name
In the Template to use select “File Cabinet
Click on Add file, Select the file that you want to upload.
In the browser we can able to see the URL, Give the URL link  in the Blog Post, so that everyone can able to download  the ZIP or RAR Files easily.

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