SharePoint 2016 Document Library

 Simple controls for document library
  The new version of SharePoint 2016 has unique features in “Document Library”. The additional options available are Upload, Sync, Edit, Manage, and Share. These features enable more advanced options.
Now let us look at what each of these features do.

                                                         Fig 1: Document Library 

You can upload any document into the document library by clicking the “Upload” button. By click of this button the below screen is popped-up.

Browse and choose a file you need to upload and comments, then click ok.
Uploading documents can be done even by clicking new button or dragging a file you want to upload onto the screen.
Keyboard Shortcut: Alt + U = Upload
You can now sync this current library to your device. Now we can easily access your library from your device. When you try to sync , a pop-up will ask if you need to allow to open web content. Enable it by clicking allow.

Keyboard Shortcut: Alt  + Y = Synchronization

If you want to share a particular document you uploaded in this library , then click on share option. On click, you get a pop-up where you can list the users you want to share you document and also grant the permission level to those users.

Keyboard Shortcut: Alt  + S = Share

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