Managed meta data navigation in sharepoint 2013

We can manage navigation of site collection using Meta data in SharePoint 2013. Managed Meta data navigation and friendly URL is a new feature in SharePoint 2013. We can have the term store to create and store the navigation. We have to create managed Meta data service. To enable Meta data navigation, activate publishing feature at site collection level.

Go to site settings, in the “Look and Feel” section, select “Navigation”

Select Managed navigation for top navigation as shown in the image below,

In the term store management (In Site settings, Site Administration group, select “Term store Management”)

Create term in Site Collection navigation as shown in the image below.

By adding the terms in term store tool, we can see the tabbed view as in the image below. In “GENERAL” tab, we can see the general properties of the term like Name, Available for tagging...

“NAVIGATION” section allows us to create friendly URL’s for the navigation. If we select, “term-Driven Page with Friendly URL”, it will choose the default URL. By selecting “Simple Link or Header”, we can assign the custom link to the navigation.

In “TERM-DRIVEN PAGES”, tab, we can have the option to configure the friendly URL and allows to set an image.

“CUSTOM PROPERTIES” tab allows us to add “Shared Properties” and “Local Properties”.

Create the navigation as the structure shown below.

After saving the navigation, we can see it as the image below.



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