Site Collection Operations in SharePoint 2013

           SharePoint 2013  Site Collection Operation is much easier using SPSite Powershell Cmdlet. Here we can see few new parameters in SharePoint 2013 SPSite.

  • Url and OwnerAlias
  • HostHeaderWebApplication
  • DestinationDatabase


    The New SPSite cmdlet creates a new site collection with "URL and OwnerAlias" parameters.  specify This cmdlet can create site collections in either the SharePoint Server 2010 mode which uses the legacy 2010 versions of templates and features, or can be created in SharePoint Server 2013 mode which uses the new versions of templates and features.

            New-SPSite http://<sitename>/sitees/newsite  -OwnerAlias "Domain\AdminName" -Language 1033 -Template 'STS#0'


                           Move-SPSite cmdlet moves the data in the specified site collection from its current content database to the content database specified by the "DestinationDatabase" parameter. A no-access lock is applied to the site collection to prevent users from altering data within the site collection while the move is taking place. Once the move is complete, the site collection is returned to its original lock state. The destination content database specified must already exist, must be attached to the same SQL Server as the site collection's current content database, and must be attached to the site collection's current Web application.

   After run the Move-SPSite cmdlet ,run the IISRESET command to update changes to IIS.


               Move-SPSite http://servername/sites/sitename  -DestinationDatabase ContentDb6

  It moves the site collection http://servername -DestinationDatabase ContentDb6

Host-name site Collection 

             It allows to create a Host-name Site Collections adding ,using the "HostHeaderWebApplication" ParameterIt idetifies the Web Application where the site collection is being Created.


         New-SPSite SiteCollectionURL -HostHeaderWebApplication 'WebAppURL' -Name 'TopLevelSite' -Description 'Top Level Site Collection' -OwnerAlias 'Domain\administrator' -language 1033 -Template 'STS#0'


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