How to create KPI’S in SharePoint Dashboard designer

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators)

          Key performance indicator (KPI) is a scorecard element that shows at a glance whether performance is on-or off-target for a particular metric.
By using Dashboard Designer, you can easily create and configure basic KPIs for your dashboard.  You can extend those KPIs by configuring them to use additional functionality, such as calculated metrics, dimension filters, and trend indicators.
Create KPIs

         Right click on “Performance Point Content” and click on New KPI as shown below
This will show a dialog box to select a template for a KPI, as shown below

Choose the “ppsyear” data source and click on the “Next” button, It shows window like this

Here it shows Actual and Target , 1st we have to fix actual values  in data mapping, click the fixed values as shown in fig ,it shows windows like this ,now we have to change the source click the Change source

                                                                                                                                                                                                          Select the data connection “ppsyear” and click ok                                                                                                                            

It shows Dimensional Data Source Mapping window,we have to select measure and Dimension Filter

For measure I select “Total Social” ,in Dimensions click “New Dimension Filter” . It shows Select Dimension window ,in that I am selecting Year Name and click ok.

It shows Default Member (All), in Default Member we have to select actual dimension of the year click on “Default Member”

It shows Select Members window .Here I am selecting “2012-2013” and click ok
We finish the Actual Mapping, now we have to map Target 
Click on Target Data Mappings Fixed Values as shown in fig it shows the “Fixed Values Data Source Mapping “window click on change Source
Select the data connection “ppsyear” and click ok ,It shows following window here we have to select same measure what we are select in Actual measure ,click on “New Dimension Filter”

Here I am selecting target member of the year “2011-2012” click ok
Now it shows mapping, I am adding one more target click on “New Target”  
It shows window like this, now map the data mapping for new target same like as before target, for new target I selected “2010-2011”


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