Realtime SharePoint Interview Questions

what is Content type hub?
connector in search?
How to reset index in search?
How to hide part of search results to particular users?
what is Audience Targeting?
What is ECMA script?
Need write code for how to open list (don't forgot to start with try and catch)?
Write caml query ?
SharePoint timer jobs?
what is content type and site column?
what is bcs?
what is site definition and site template?
feature stapling?
what is server object modal  hierarchy ?
different locks in timer jobs?
how to break the writing logs in 14 hive?
how to differentiate request and SharePoint request?
what is security trimmed control in master page?
what is custom feature?
difference b/w master page and page layouts?
method activities and  event activities in custom workflow?
difference b/w designer work flow and custom workflow?
what is sand box solution and what we can deploy and cant deploy and limitation?
workflow vs event listener?
What is Content retain and Expiration  ?
What is document set?
What is search application service ?
User profile configuration?
What is ZONES in share point?
Whats is METADATA?
What is managed path?

Lakshmi Tulasi Jasti

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