How to add WORD (PDF file Search) in Search Navigation in SharePoint 2013

               In SharePoint 2013 Enterprise search center preview searches nearly everything SharePoint crawls. That’s why its search results are labelled “Everything”.

     But for specialized scenarios, you often want a specialized search experience to match.

Example: People takes you to people search, returns only people results, responds intelligently to certain people-related queries such as searches for a mail id, phone no..
Build a simple search experience for word, for that we have to create “Result Source” and “Search Result Web Part”.

      Search Experience = Result Source + Search Results Web Part.
Create a word Result source

   First, we have to create a Result Source that only returns word results. From your enterprise search center, go to site settings -> search -> Result Sources, Click on New Results 

            Click on New Result source

      It shows window like this, we have to follow these steps.

·                         “Word” is the source name.
·                             “Result with file extension” is the description of source.
·                             Keep the protocol on “Local SharePoint”, because we want item crawled by SharePoint.
·                             Keep the type on “SharePoint Search Results”, we don’t want people results.
·                             Query Transform: “{searchTearms} fileextension:pdf”.

       Click “OK”, we have created our “Word result source”

Create a Search Results Web Part

    Go to search center, click the gear icon, choose New Page (or) Go to site contents-> pages in ribbon add page give it a name "Word".

           Click create, we create word page. Word is the Search Result Web Part. Default it sends user queries to the local SharePoint Results source. We need to change it so that it sends quires to our word Results source instead.

      Open word page and in gear icon choose “Edit page”, in search result heading next, click the little arrow next to the checkbox that appears select edit web part.

It brings Web Part tool pane. We want to change the query that this web Part sends, so click to change Query button.

            We only need a very simple transformation: the Web Part should transform queries so that they go to a different Result Source. So pick word Results from the Result Source drop down

Click "OK" on the Query Builder, then "OK" on the Web Part’s tool pane, and finally publish your changes to the page.

Fleshing Out Your Search Experience

        Now add our "Word" Search to the Search Navigation, next to People, Conversations, and the other standard search experiences.
Go to Site Settings -> Search -> Search Settings.

     Now we configure Search Navigation links. Click on "Add Link" 

           We have to give title “Word”, then click Browse and pick the search page we created earlier(Word page).
Click “OK” to save link, select it and click “Move Up”.

  Finally Click “Ok”, try to search in search center. You’ll see a link to  your Word search, and clicking it will search just docx files.


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