How to remove SPWebApplication using powershell script in SharePoint 2013


         Remove-SPWebApplication cmdlet deletes the Web application specified by the Identity and Zone parameters. If no zone is provided, the entire Web application and all zones are removed.

Remove particular zone:

    Get-SPWebApplication "http://sitename"|Remove-SPWebApplication -Zone "Intranet" -Confirm

    Identity: http://sitename. 

             It removes the Internet zone Web application extension on the Web application at http://sitename. This command does not remove the content databases or the IIS Web site.

Remove Perticular web application content databases and IIS website :

    Remove-SPWebApplication http://sitename -Confirm -DeleteIISSite -RemoveContentDatabases

         It removes the Web application, all content databases, and the IIS Web site at http://sitename

Lakshmi Tulasi Jasti

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