Friendly Page URLs in SharePoint 2013

         One of the great improvements in SharePoint 2013 for Web Content Management it the separation of URLs and site hierarchy.Using Managed Navigation now we can define the structure of our site and by tagging the content with the right terms we can ensure that the content will be published at the right location in our website.

         Using Managed Navigation allows you to use friendly URLs without pages and .aspx pages.

To create friendly URL, we are going to modify the Term Store.

-> Go to "site settings"

-> Select "Navigation"

-> Select "managed navigation" for both Global and current Navigation options.

->Now we have to select page in Term Store Management Tool -> Select the Page (Here i create new term store, after that i created page(testpage).) Testpage and click "OK".

->Go to site settings -> "Term Store management" Go to page(Testpage) in navigation and select "Term-Driven pages" option tab , "Customize" option and update the term for the page and click save as shown in figure.

Once term store has been updated for your page, visit the page ,we can see our friendly page name in the URL.


Lakshmi Tulasi Jasti

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