Promoted Links in SharePoint 2013

      It is one of the new feature in SharePoint 2013. Using Promoted links we can Promote your links on various pages.we can see the tiles in SharePoint 2013 team site.

      Now we are going to add promoted list part to show our custom links tiles. To add Promoted links web part,we need to add new app called "promoted list" navigate to "site contents" by clicking on " Add apps" here we can find "Promoted links"app and create new list called "SP Promoted Links" as shown in fig below.

 Open the "Promoted List" , and click on "All Promoted Links" -> "new item" as shown in fig below. one more option to find Add new item in the list, by clicking on the ribbon add new item.                                                                                                              

Enter title, Background Image location and link location. click on "Save" button. I have it for Ms Office , Windows Azure.

Note:  In "Launch Behavior" we have three options.

 1) In Page navigation
 2) Dialog and
 3) New tab

 In Page navigation
       By selecting "In Page navigation" option, when we clicking on the image, we can see Target location in the same tab.


    The Target location will show in the same page with dialog box.

 New Tab
   Here we can see the Target location in new tab.

Lakshmi Tulasi Jasti

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