What is the difference between Office 365 and Windows Azure?


     Before that we have know about few points.

What is Cloud?
Whatever we develop the application through the internet is called cloud.

What is Cloud Computing?
The term Cloud Computing and working in cloud refer to performing computer tasks using services delivered entirely over the Internet.
Services provided over the cloud computing
SAAS: Software Application As a service.
IAAS: Infrastructure As a service.
PAAS: Platform As a service.

Difference between office 365 and windows azure.

Office 365: Is a SAAS Software Application As a service. Which provides online versions of office suites includes Outlook, PowerPoint, word, Excel, Lync and OneNote

SAAS: Software Application As a service.
Software as a service is a way of delivering application over the internet as a service.Insted of installing and maintaining software you can simply access it via the internet. It manages access to the application including security, availability and performance, sometimes we can also call web based software.

Windows azure: IAAS and PAAS
IAAS: Infrastructure as a Service is the virtual delivery of computing resources in the form of hardware, networking and storage services. It is also refereed some times as Hardware as a service

PAAS: Plat form as a service A software distributed model in which hosted application are made available to customers over the internet. In PAAS services having Application services, Operations services, Platform services.


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