How to get the template name in sharepoint using powershell

Sometimes in Production we want to know the template name for the current site we are using.
Using below Power Shell we can find the Template name easily.

$currentweb = Get-SPWeb  http://DotNetSharePoint:1234/sites/Sharepoint
write-host "Web Template:" $currentweb.WebTemplate " | Web Template ID:" $currentweb.WebTemplateId

OutPut:Web Template: STS | Web Template ID: 1 // For Team Site

Site Template ID with Name:
0 - GLOBAL (SetupPath=global) - "Global template"
1 - STS - "windows SharePoint Services Site", "Team Site", "Blank Site", "Document Workspace"
2 - MPS - "Basic Meeting Workspace", "Blank Meeting Workspace", "Decision Meeting Workspace", "Social Meeting Workspace", "Multipage Meeting Workspace"
3 - CENTRALADMIN - "Central Admin Site"
4 - WIKI - "Wiki Site"
7 - BDR - "Document Center"
9 - BLOG - "Blog"
20 - SPS (OBSOLETE) - "SharePoint Portal Server Site"
21 - SPSPERS - "SharePoint Portal Server Personal Space"
22 - SPSMSITE - "Personalization Site"
30 - SPSTOC (OBSOLETE) - "Contents area Template"
31 - SPSTOPIC (OBSOLETE) - "Topic area template"
32 - SPSNEWS (OBSOLETE) - "News area template"
33 - SPSNHOME (SubWebOnly) - "News Home template"
34 - SPSSITES - "Site Directory area template"
36 - SPSCOMMU (OBSOLETE) - "Community area template"
38 - SPSREPORTCENTER - "Report Center Site"
39 - CMSPUBLISHING (SetupPath=SiteTemplates\PUBLISHING) - "Publishing and Team Collaboration Site"
40 - OSRV (SetupPath=SiteTemplates\OSRV) - "Shared Services Administration Site"
47 - SPSPORTAL - "Corporate Intranet Site"
50 - SRCHCEN - "Search Center"
51 - PROFILES - "Profiles"
52 - BLANKINTERNETCONTAINER - "Internet Presence Web Site"
53 - BLANKINTERNET - "Publishing Site", "Press Releases Site", "Publishing Site"
54 - SPSMSITEHOST - "My Site Host"
90 - SRCHCENTERLITE (SetupPath=SiteTemplates\SRCHCENTERLITE) - "Search Center Lite"
6221 - PWA (SetupPath=SiteTemplates\PWA) - "Project Web Access Site"
6215 - PWS (SetupPath=SiteTemplates\PWS) - "Project Workspace"
14483 - OFFILE - "Records Repository", "Records Repository"

Reference Template ID's from


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