Exclude disable users from AD to SharePoint

There is a way to exclude the disabled users from AD to SharePoint, we are having advantages for excluding the disabled users.
1) SharePoint User Profile Sync will complete very faster no need to maintain disabled users information.
2) Crawling the People Search will complete very fastly.
When we are   configuring User Profile don’t forget to filter the disabled users before starting the full crawl.

Navigate to Central Admin ->Application Management ->Manage Service applications->User profile Service Application
Click on the user profile service application there we can able to see the “Configure Synchronization Connections” option click on it.

Create new connection, once connection created, click on "Edit Connection Filters" from the menu.

Select the condition to exclude disable users as shown in the below screen shot.

Click on add.
Now we can able to see the condition as shown below

Click on ok.
Start the Full sync, once sync completed, disabled users won’t be available in our SharePoint user profile.



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