Import Data from excel to SharePoint List using PowerShell

In this article we are able to show how to import CSV excel data in to SharePoint List, some time we have to Import large amount of information from excel CSV to SharePoint list for this we can use PowerShell script, we created a list with name "ImportCSVData" with three fields Year,MovieName,HeroName.
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Excel will looks like this

$info = Import-CSV ‘D:\ImportData.csv' -header("Year", "MovieName","HeroName")
$web = Get-SPWeb -Identity ""
$list= $web.Lists["ImportCSVData"]
foreach ($rows in $info )
    $item = $list.Items.Add();
    $item["Year"] = $rows.Year
    $item["MovieName"] = $rows.MovieName
    $item["HeroName"] = $rows.HeroName
Write-Host "Excel information Updated successfully in to List"

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  1. How to add the version History to the List Items with PowerShell?
    Is it possible?