Exclude search results for a specific site

Exclude search results for a specific site
In this article we can learn how to exclude search results for a specific site collection/site while creating a new result source in SharePoint 2013.

We are having a web application's URL’s and site collection URL that you want to exclude.

http://includeresults.com/ -------- we can search
http://SearchResults.com/  ------  we can search
http://SearchResults.com/sites/exclude  - we want to exclude this site from search   
Now we want to exclude this site collection/Site from the (http://SearchResults.com/sites/exclude) search results. Same way we can exclude the sites/sub sites also.

We are excluding the site using the property filter “not contains”, Please check the below screen shot.

Once everything is done, click on OK and finally save the Result Source.

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Lakshmi Tulasi Jasti

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