How to overlay Office 365 shared calendar with SharePoint Calendar

In this article we are able to see how to perform SharePoint calendar overlay, using new solution by Virtosoftware. Long time the ability to overlay Office 365 shared calendar from Exchange Online and SharePoint calendar was the most sought after feature in SharePoint Online. Now we can overlay Office 365 shared calendar not only with people that are using Outlook too.

You can easily create Office 365 shared calendar as it is described in article from this link, but you can`t overlay it with your calendar in SharePoint.
Now the brand new Virto Office 365 Calendar Add-in allows us to overlay any number of SharePoint calendars and Office 365 shared calendar in a single view.

With Office 365 Calendar Add-in you can perform this connection with a single click!

Just check the box in Add-in settings to share office 365 calendar in SharePoint! Now all your Exchange Online calendars will be automatically added to Virto Office365 Calendar. 

This unique feature, among others, makes Virto Office 365 Calendar Add-in a perfect calendaring solution for SharePoint Online. This Add-in allows you to add or edit items with a single mouse click and display color-coded events in different timescales. You can view schedules in Day, Week, Work Week, Month, Year, Task and Multisource View. With Office 365 Calendar Add-in you can show all your private events, meetings and shared calendars in one place. Also, this SharePoint online calendar has a 30-days free trial, you can download and try all its features right now!
Learn more about all features of Office 365 Calendar Add-in and download trial version.

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Lakshmi Tulasi Jasti

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