Show display name in email notification using Nintex

In this article we can able to see how to show display name in email notification using Nintex, in this example we are having a new form with column name “Requestor” while creating a new item we added the user name in the “Requestor” column, so whenever we clicked on save we are sending the notification  mail to the Requestor.

In the mail we want to display user name, but by default we are getting as domain name\userid, but we want to display only Username, for this we are having couple options to achieve this functionality, we tried this approach and it working as accepted.

Create Nintex workflow and select the “Query User profile” as shown below.

Click on Configure, Create a any workflow variable “display name” single line text.

Select the values as per the below screen shot.

Now in the email notification, you can add the user “dispalyname” workflow variable where ever you want, it will shows the display name as per the user profile.

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