how to create PDF Converter Advance Smart Object


PDF Converter

If we want to create PDF file without opening the form or view, we can use this PDF Converter.

Example: Html or URL

Using PDF Converter Smart Object we can create PDF file to send a mail.
For this First we have to create Advance Smart Object using existing PDF Converter Object.

Creating Advance Smart Object

Click on Crete New Smart Object on which list you need. Enter name , select Advance SmartObject  & Allow this to be used in workflow as shown in figure below.

Drag PDF converter to Property     

The PDF Converter has three functions:

  • Create PDF from HTML (raw HTML to PDF Format)
  • Create PDF from URL (Captures a URL to PDF Format)
  • Create PDF from HTML or URL

HTML - Creates a PDF file at a certain point in time
URL - Creates a PDF file upon load of the page
 It will open Add SmartObject window -> Go to Default ServiceObject method binding and Click on Create All

Click on finish , now we can see the Properties and & Method.

Click Finished. Now we created PDF Converter Advance SmartObject.



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