Get First release before public release in Office 365


We can get early updates before public release in Office 365, Office 365 team releasing the updates for two types of users.
Two types of User Releases:

1.       Standard Users
2.       First release Users
By default all users are selected under Standard user category. First release users will get the updates before the standard users.  We have to enable the first release feature. 

First Release Enable:

 Navigate to Office 365 Admin Center.

Click on “Settings” tab -> Organizational Profile. Admin only can view and manage the organization profile details.
By default it’s showing “Standard Release”  , click on “Edit” to change the Release track to “First release”
Here we can see two options for First release
First release for every one -> We can get updates for entire organization.
First release for selected users -> We have to pick people to preview the updates.
 Now am selecting “First release for selected users” then click “ Next”
Click “Yes” to update release for Select People.
          Click “Add People” to add people into Release preference.
We can add Multiple or single user here. Check the users and click Save.
                Click on Close to update list of Users.
Now, we can see First release on Release track.


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