How to enable anonymous access in SharePoint 2013

In  web application level we can set anonymous access in SharePoint.

Web Application Level

          When we create Web Application in SharePoint you can set the anonymous access at the web application level. It will allow the entire anonymous user to access the site.

-->      Go to SharePoint Central Administration site  select “Application Management” -> “Manage web application"

-->Create "New" web application                                                                                                            

-->Choose “Yes” for “Allow Anonymous”                                                                                                                                    

 Already existing site we have to set anonymous, we have to do two steps

1)Authentication Provider

2)Anonymous Policy

Authentication Provider

                    Go to SharePoint Central Administration site  select “Application Management” -> “Web Application Management”

--> In Web Application Management screen select the particular web application in ribbon click on Authentication providers.

--> In authentication Provider select the zone in which you need to change the authentication.

-->You can edit the authentication and set the anonymous access                                                                      

Anonymous Policy

--> In Web Application Management screen select the web application in ribbon click on Anonymous Policy.
-->Set the Anonymous policy for each zone

SharePoint Site Collection Level

       As a first step you need to enable anonymous access at web application level and go to the site collection in which you want set up the anonymous access.

Go to Site Settings, click on “Site Permissions”

 Click on “Anonymous Access”.

Give Anonymous permission to the entire web site, unchecked the “Require Use Remote Interfaces Permission" and click “ok” to save the changes.

SharePoint Library Level

    Go to any library and click on “Library settings”
I am going to pages library

Go to the "Permissions for this document library"

Click on “stop inheriting”

Click on “Anonymous Access”

Set the permission for the anonymous user                                                                                            

By default an anonymous user cannot add and edit items in a document library, which is disable, even with anonymous access enabled. So for a page library all options will be grayed except “View documents”.

Application Page Level

You need to deactivate the Limited-access user permission lockdown mode feature to allow anonymous users to access application level

Finally ,my anonymous site looks like this


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