PDF Method in K2 Blackpearl using K2 Designer


In K2 we have two options to send a mail with PDF.
1. Save as PDF Control
2. PDF Converter

Save as PDF Control:  We can use this control, when we have to create PDF has a same Form or View at a particular time when an event is executed.

PDF Converter:  If we want to create PDF file without opening the form or view, we can use this PDF Converter.
Example: Html or URL

The PDF Converter has three functions:
  • Create PDF from HTML (raw HTML to PDF Format)
  • Create PDF from URL (Captures a URL to PDF Format)
  • Create PDF from HTML or URL
HTML - Creates a PDF file at a certain point in time

URL - Creates a PDF file upon load of the page

These functions are available in the ServiceObject Explorer when creating an Advance SmartObject.



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